Complete Crypto Asset market solution for institutional investors

As a well-established fintech firm, Simplex leverages two decades of accumulated knowledge & experience designing & building resilient and advanced trading, risk and settlement solutions for elite global financial institutions.

SimplexICT is a fully integrated front-to-back platform for institutional investors trading & settling in the continuously evolving crypto markets.

Highly intuitive and efficient trading functions designed to accommodate the various crypto market participants

Order & Trade Management

  • Sophisticated order and trade management tools
  • RFQ/Streaming functionality to access or provide OTC liquidity
  • Liquidity Provider & Investor specific GUIs or Trade via the API
  • Access to major crypto liquidity pools– crypto exchanges & OTC liquidity providers

Order/Transaction Reference

  • Real time reference of transactions
  • Search historical transactions


  • Chat function to exchange information with counterparties

Post trade management:

Book Management

  • Order information to be delivered only to the ‘white list’ counterparty
  • Position and P&L Management with definable book views for management

Account Management

  • Report outstanding balances by currency or currency pair on the real time basis
  • Report outstanding and P/L of each trader and support function for manager
  • One stop management of transactions/settlement/account information via API or GUI

Compliance & Limit Management

  • Roles & Permissions – trader, desk head, operations
  • Products & Limits

For Secure Payment

Settlement & Payment

  • Gross and Net settlements of transactions
  • Crypto & Fiat currency payable & receivable process management to reduce operational risk
  • Ability to search and display transaction hash (txID) on the blockchain
  • Cash flow blotter